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No, I'm not a bureaucrat, you'll have to ask in meta : m:Requests for username changes Drini ༡༧:༠༩, ༨ ཟླ་གསུམ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

Ok. Thanks anyway. --Viskonsas ༡༩:༡༡, ༨ ཟླ་གསུམ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

i want contribute, just give me the task. thanks you too,and are you wikisysop of this wiki i mean the Tibetan Version --Dobum ༡༧:༡༧, ༡༢ ཟླ་བཞི་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

hi,i run into a problem when i do translate job that you gave me, seems there are different way to express someone's tibetan level, in my language the sentence" someone is native tibetan speaker"and "basic level tibetan" use different word. so,, "Tibetan " word got different translate depend by context! my question is this going to mess this template. using different word... this is sophiscated i can't explain well --YungDrunRenChin ༡༣:༡༩, ༡༣ ཟླ་བཞི་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

hi,i will vote for you. i very confident for my translation, coz i inivited my some friends doing this translate together. and i think we do it at out best!

hi, is my messenger account, thanks!


Dear Viskonsas, I just saw incidentally that the logo here has no transparent background, but it should have, I would offer You my help in making the background transparent if You have troubles with it. Please send me the text that should appear on the logo (I tried to make the background transparent from the current existing one, but there is too much grain) and I can then send You the corrected version. Please contact me on my talkpage on Meta, many thanks, best regards, --Spacebirdy ༡༨:༥༡, ༢༩ ཟླ་བཞི་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

Hello Viskonsas, I made a transparent version now, see Image:Wiki-bo.png if You want to use it You just will have to upload it to the name Image:Wiki.png, if something needs to be changed still, let me know, best regards, --Spacebirdy ༡༢:༣༢, ༣ ཟླ་ལྔ་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)


Hello again, well, yes it is possible to change the font, but You should be careful doing this because of course the users will only see the font that You set if they have it installed.

The change could be done in MediaWiki:Common.css and could look like:

body, p, div, #content {
	font-family: fontFamilyName, anotherOne, anotherAlternative, etc., sans;

while You replace fontFamilyName, anotherOne, anotherAlternative, etc., with the font names that You want to have displayed.

If You mean to change the font that is inserted in the edit window or the search field to bo. this is more difficult to do, but possible.

Best regards, --Spacebirdy ༡༣:༠༠, ༣ ཟླ་ལྔ་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

Ah, I understand, well, that could be done in the same css:
body, p, div, #content {
        font-size: medium;
(Also % or em could be used instead of a keyword here but don't set it too high or better test it in Your private Monobook.css first)
Be very careful with the values for the font-size here, it is quite sensitive. Best regards, --Spacebirdy ༡༤:༤༡, ༣ ཟླ་ལྔ་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)
I just saw there is already a proposal for font-size changes on Talk:གཙོ་ངོས།#Font sizes, best regards, --Spacebirdy ༡༤:༤༧, ༣ ཟླ་ལྔ་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)
Sorry I just deleted the MediaWiki:Common.css because the font was so big that the interface was totally mixed up (please test in Your personal monobook first and refresh the cache to see the effect).
I would suggest to use the settings Christian suggested in Talk:གཙོ་ངོས།#Font sizes, maybe with a bit less than 230%, 180 or 200% did look quite ok on my screen for the Tibetan script. Best regards, --Spacebirdy ༡༩:༤༨, ༣ ཟླ་ལྔ་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)


Hi Viskonsas, it is because of the unclosed div-tag in the edittools, add </div> at the end and it should be fixed, best regards, (please better don't leave me messages here, I might not see them :( ) --Spacebirdy ༡༩:༣༨, ༣ ཟླ་ལྔ་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

P.S. 125% makes it toooo big, I can't read anything here anymore, ;( --Spacebirdy ༡༩:༤༠, ༣ ཟླ་ལྔ་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

P.P.S. if You delete a file the protection is lost, the Wik.png is unprotected therefaore again ;( --Spacebirdy ༡༩:༤༢, ༣ ཟླ་ལྔ་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

hi viskonsa,after your explain and i did compare with en wiki, i got this mean of"whatslinkhere" by it's function,if this sentense translate into "གང་དག་ལ་སྦྲེལ་ཡོད།"(plural)pretty better than current one "དྲ་འབྲེལ་ཅི་ཞིག" = "links what" this one totally can't understand.For my understand itself can be a confuse sentence. so,this is my suggestion.and i saw other unproper translations--YungDrunRenChin ༡༨:༣༠, ༤ ཟླ་ལྔ་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

  འཐད། --Viskonsas ༠༧:༤༦, ༥ ཟླ་ལྔ་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

the default font is too small, can i require you that resize the font bigger just as i am using. plz reference my css. many thanks Viskonsas!--dobum ༡༤:༠༩, ༡༤ ཟླ་བདུན་པ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

font problem againEdit

Dear Viskonsas, i must say the font is still too small,even for people like me, i got very good sight, my eye sight almost near the best level, pilot sight...ha,ha, ha, recommand parameter are below: body, p, div, content { font-size: 20px; } textarea { font-size:28px; } --dobum ༠༡:༢༧, ༡༥ ཟླ་བདུན་པ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

many thanks! you saved the bo wikipedia.--dobum ༠༦:༡༤, ༡༦ ཟླ་བདུན་པ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

two are same, དབྱིན་སྐད། for short. དབྱིན་ཇིའི་སྐད། for completely, the difference is དབྱིན་སྐད།= english , དབྱིན་ཇིའི་སྐད། =English language

the difference betwen two of above is just same the differcence of english and english language. Dear! --dobum ༠༥:༣༧, ༡༨ ཟླ་བདུན་པ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

please delete this one

dobum ༠༠:༢༤, ༢༢ ཟླ་བདུན་པ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

best solution for display tibetan fontEdit

thanks for your suggestion, that image is will be very helpful, a small tip for your, your default tibetan font is so not nice, plese change it to Microsoft Himalaya,and delete other tibetan font.and IE7.0 is the best viewer for tibetan.--dobum ༠༤:༥༢, ༢༨ ཟླ་བདུན་པ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

re:Asking for helpEdit

Hi Viskonsas, sorry for the delay. If You copy templates from another wiki You will have to copy also the templates that are implemented in that template. You can see which templates a template uses by editing it [༡] below the edit window is a list of used templates, if the link to it is red the template is missing, and if it is an essential one that can cause the template to not work. I now created the missing templates, I guess You will translate them into Tibetan. These huge complicated templates from might not be always handy for a smaller project ~

Kind regards, --Spacebirdy ༡༧:༣༠, ༢༨ ཟླ་བདུན་པ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)

Temporary access expiredEdit

Hello Viskonsas. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired (see archived request). Thanks. Nick1915 ༢༣:༡༠, ༢༡ ཟླ་བཅུ་བ། ༢༠༠༨ (UTC)


Sveikas. Manau, kad reiktų pakeisti pagrindinį puslapį, nes dabartinis tikrai atrodo estetiškai nekaip. Aš tai siūlyčiau padaryt (galiu užsiimti) kažką panašaus kaip ( tik tuomet reiktų, kad tavo kolegos išverstų kai kuriuos žodžius.

Visų pirma frazę "Sveiki atvykę į Vikipediją", bei kategorijų pavadinimus (Astronomija, Geografija, Istorija, Mokslas, Kalba, Kultūra, Matematika, Technologijos, Religija, Literatūra, Muzika, Biologija, Medicina, Menas), o paskum su laiku ir kitką būtų galima išversti. Hugo.arg ༢༡:༢༡, ༢༠ ཟླ་གསུམ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

Apie tai esu pagalvojęs, net smėlio dėžėje lieju mintis, kaip maždaug jis turėtų atrodyti. Žadu keisti baisiai nestilingą pagrindinį puslapį, tačiau visiška vikipedininkų apatija čia mane ima basiai slėgti. Dėl to ir delsiu. Bet ačiū už leidimą remtis,- čia pagrindinis puslapis išties gražus. --Viskonsas ༡༢:༠༣, ༢༡ ཟླ་གསུམ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)


Hi! I was wondering if you could help out with a brief Hawaiian translation of the entry on nonkilling [༢]. It doesn't need to be whole thing: the first paragraph (or even the first sentence) would do! Mahalo! --Cgnk ༢༡:༡༦, ༤ ཟླ་དྲུག་པ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

I am afraid I cannot write in Hawaiian. --Viskonsas ༡༥:༣༢, ༧ ཟླ་དྲུག་པ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)


Hi ! I've an important chinese law for Tibetan and minorities in China... is it possible to put all the text in one article or there is a part in bo.wikipedia for texts?

--སྤེའུ་དཀར་པོ། ༡༥:༡༤, ༨ ཟླ་དགུ་བ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

Thank you for the question. The best place for that would be Wikibooks ([༣]), not Wikipedia. --Viskonsas ༡༧:༣༦, ༨ ཟླ་དགུ་བ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

Bo.wikipedia has more than 1000 articles now. It starts to be usual for Tibetans people to meet it when they write something on Google. I will stop to write articles as before and concentrate on geography (for example translate map in Tibetan) and linguistic but if you want I work on a special category leave me only a message.

--སྤེའུ་དཀར་པོ། ༡༣:༣༤, ༡༦ ཟླ་དགུ་བ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

So, if i can show and prouve very rare antic things from China and Tibet you will censore me like this too ?

--སྤེའུ་དཀར་པོ། ༡༤:༥༤, ༢༥ ཟླ་དགུ་བ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

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